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  Concrete Controls Corporation
Truck Slump Controls and Indicators
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DHS Literature (pdf)
The Dial-A-Matic Hydra-Slump is the only device in the world which automatically controls slump in a Ready mix truck from the plant to the job site. By arriving on the job with the correct slump, you not only save precious time, but fuel and mixer wear as well. With his entire fleet of 113 trucks equipped with the Dial-A-Matic Hydra-Slump, one ready mix producer reports an average savings of $2,062.00 per truck in time alone during the first year. Slump rejected loads will be a thing of the past because of continuous slump readout and slump control capability. Best of all, a Dial-A-Matic Hydra-Slump costs less than a 10-yard load of concrete!!
SHS Literature (pdf)

Hydra-Slump Instructions