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Chandler Arizona
Moisture Meters
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Moisture Alert Literature

The  Moisture Alert not only displays the actual moisture of  the sand and an additional aggregate but has two movable set  points. Should  the moisture of the sand change beyond  the  limits the batch operator has set an audible alarm sounds drawing the  batch operators  attention  to the moisture meter.  This  unique  alarm function allows the batch operator to set his moisture compensator  once and forget it until he hears the alarm. The probes  are mounted under the overhead bins or off the end of a belt  thereby sensing all the material in each batch and not what is on the side  of a bin. Loads are saved because the batch  operator  does not  "learn" about moisture changes from his  drivers.  Includes: Meter, 2-probes, cable and instructions.


Economy Moisture Meter Literature

Economy Moisture Meter Instructions

A new low cost moisture meter has just been introduced by Concrete Controls Corporation. The economy moisture meter is easy to install and can be used for more than one material. The unique probe system measures the moisture of all material being batched and automatically resets after each batch. The extremely durable stainless steel probes mount simply under the overhead bins or at the discharge end of the material belt. Avoid moisture change surprises by observing the moisture meter once each batch. Includes: Meter unit, probe(s), power supply.


Custom Moisture Alert with 4 Simple Moisture Meters in one Cabinet built for Western Block, Phoenix AZ