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Bin Level Indicator

Accurately measures bin level for cement, sand, stone, and all liquids. Can also be used to spot trucks at ready mix plants.

Hand Held Infrared Temperature Monitor gives the Batch Operator, Quality Control Engineer or the Truck Mechanic instant temperature information of any object. Temperature of slabs, grades, test cylinders, truck drums, engines, brakes, electric motors, and or course Fresh Concrete are no secret when the Hand Held Infrared Monitor on the job. Watch the concrete cure by pulling the trigger and sweeping the gun along a slab. Hunt down a hung brake without burning your hand. keep track of your concrete heating performance and monitor aggregate temperatures all without coming in contact with the material. --------------$99

Simple Moisture Meter
A new low cost moisture meter has just been introduced by Concrete Controls Corporation. The economy moisture meter is easy to install and can be used for more than one material. The unique probe system measures the moisture of all material being batched and automatically resets after each batch. The extremely durable stainless steel probes mount simply under the overhead bins or at the discharge end of the material belt. Avoid moisture change surprises by observing the moisture meter once each batch. Includes: Meter unit, probe(s), power supply.